issueCHECK will solve your customers’ problems  issueCHECK will handle your online chat without the help of an employee issueCHECK will serve your customers 24/7!

Are you looking for a way to accelerate and improve the level of customer service, while reducing its cost? You are in the right place! Introducing issueCHECK – an easy-to-configure and user-friendly tool to provide comprehensive customer service to your business!

Our system makes your customers satisfied!

Communication in Polish

The intelligent system communicates in Polish, just like an employee of the customer service department

ystem understands what client writes

Users don't have to select ready-made answers from the list, the system analyzes the message and asks questions to understand the client's problem

System learns to solve problems automatically

Our system with each new conversation learns in order to solve our customers’ problems better

Let your employees focus on handling orders

Our system can be connected to LiveChat on your website, Messenger or other chat. The system will answer most of your customers’ questions.

Serve any number of customers around the clock while your employees can sell and process orders.

Provide customers with 24/7 service

Research shows that if a potential customer does not get a response regarding a good or service within 3 minutes, they will look for a different supplier.

Increase your customer base with instant replies regarding your entire product range, no matter what time of day it is.

A learning, intelligent system that speaks your language

issueCHECK differs from popular chatbots because it understands what the user writes. There is no need to set up complicated selection paths. The client does not have to click on ready-made answers.

The conversation goes in the same way as with an employee of the customer service department. The system learns information about your products, warranty conditions, and the method of ordering. As a result it is able to better solve customers’ problems by itself.

Our system is your satisfied customer!

How it works

See how you can gain new and satisfied customers thanks to our system:


Our solution is perfect for online store owners. issueCHECK will easily download and analyze your product database and previous customer questions. Thanks to this, in just a few simple steps the system will learn the most important information to be able to respond to your customers.

The system can be easily integrated with the chat on your website, Messenger or other tools.

Without the need to hire additional employees, you will the response time and increase customer’s satisfaction.

Amusement parks, cinemas, gyms, escape rooms

We know the needs of our clients. When the same person is selling tickets, answering chat, and answering phone calls, customers have to wait a long time for a response. A customer left unanswered looks for a different place to spend the weekend or afternoon.

issueCHECK will allow your employees to focus on visitors and answer the most frequently asked questions on the website or fanpage. You don’t have to worry about tediously typing questions and answers. The system itself will analyze problems and solutions based on your chats with clients.

Providers of e-services, Saas software

We know customers don’t really want to look for answers help pages and often prefer to use text chats. Your support team spends a lot of time answering the same questions, rather than focusing on solving more serious system problems or upselling.

issueCHECK will analyze the content of your system’s help files and on this basis will respond to clients’ problems. Your employees can focus on improving the system and customers will not have to wait long for a response!



€60 monthly
  • Topics limit: 30
  • Monthly customer limit: 150
  • Basic alerts


€170 monthly
  • Topics limit: 100
  • Monthly customer limit: 500
  • AI update: 1 monthly
  • Basic alerts


€255 monthly
  • No topics limit
  • Monthly customer limit: 1500
  • AI update: 2 monthly
  • Full reports


€380 monthly
  • No topics limit
  • Monthly customer limit: 5000
  • AI update: weekly
  • Full reports

All prices are net.

During subscription period you will have option to extend number of customer limit.

During subscription period you can upgrade your plan.


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